Consortium of the Fraunhofer ALBACOPTER® Lighthouse Project

Focus Topics


Fraunhofer IVI


  • Concept design for autonomous aircraft
  • Sensors and sensor data fusion for environmental perception (Object detection and classification)
  • Autonomous, AI-controlled flight maneuvers
  • Charging concepts, contact systems and fast charging technologies (E-hover system)

Fraunhofer LBF


  • Efficient, mission-oriented and modular design of drone configurations
  • Modular and scalable energy storage units

Fraunhofer ICT


  • Ultra-lightweight and high-strength structures with a sustainable, scalable and modular design
  • Functionally integrated propellers ready for large-series production
  • Propulsion systems with high weight-specific power density
  • Validation platform for near-reality testing of propulsion systems

Fraunhofer IOSB


  • Digital twin for »front loading« and overall system
  • Improvement of systemic and operational safety with the help of system architecture, functional diagnostics, trajectory planning and remote control system

Fraunhofer IEM


  • Safe, self-optimizing and energy-optimal altitude control system
  • Methods for ensuring the functional safety of software and control technologies

Fraunhofer IMS


  • Fail-safe plug-in onboard electronics
  • Fusion of 3D sensors, real-time raw sensor data processing